Move to StorAGe

Introducing Move to StorAGe - the one-stop GB Movers removal and storage service

Move to Storage is a one-stop solution for your removal where there is a tricky gap in your schedule.

Our team of highly-trained removal specialists will pack and remove your items in one of our shipping containers for storage at our secure facility.

When you're ready to complete the move, we'll deliver it to a location of your choice anywhere in the world.

  • Simple one-stop solution
  • Shipping containers sealed at point of removal - no additional repacking
  • Secure, watertight, vermin-proof storage
  • 24 hr security at our storage location
  • Excellent rates for long term storage

Total security at our secure storage location

GB Movers' secure storage facility

For more info on how we can make your move more memorable for all the right reasons, give James a call on 01753 866481, or contact us via email.

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